Adios (Pete Ellison Remix)

by Bomb Ass Pussy

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Adios (Pete Ellison Remix)


First off baby cakes you can't be the next Supreme
cause that's me and my crew,
this is Bomb Ass Pussy time, ain't no rhyme or reason
why you think that you can do what we do better
if you're reads are weaker than your rhymes,
bitch please, pick up a dictionary
maybe a picture book is more your speed,

I'mma read, I'mma read, I'mma read
that's right the 'brary's open,
'bout to school your ass before you get dismissed
huh, get the gist?

so don't come around cause you can not sit down
with this young and so dangerous crew (crew)

Kitty (chorus):
Bye Felicia! (LEAVE), get outta my face
you on Candid Camera (I don't wanna catch a case)
sit back, gimme some room,
don't test me, ain't in the mood
make like titties (bounce)
you better beat it sucka, no vienen aqui

You ain't a bad girl
You just bad, girl
Shit won't last
You just a fad girl
Angelina to your Jennifer
You mad, girl?
You should be, look who's with brad, girl
Replacements replacements
Burning these witches
And if they get smart got the voodoo for these bitches
turnt up at these bitches that be switchin
You can't sit with us! Driver, partition
Sick of bitches thinking that they hazin us
You ain't phasin us
Don't even anger us
We been did it first, nobody paving us
That's why you mad with an attitude cantankerous
Hold up bitch
You ain't tankin' us
We're the only reason bitches know your name
You should be thanking us
Pussy pop razor blades at bitches who be shading us
They scatter like roaches evading us
Bitch, bye!~

Chorus Repeat


released October 1, 2014
Engineered by Lo Mas Gucci at Filth Ave Studios, Produced by P. Ellison, Written by J. Ortega, C. Sein, J. Montenegro, P. Ellison



all rights reserved


Bomb Ass Pussy Portland, Oregon

Transplants from Los Angeles, transplants from drag, transplants from another planet of fierce queer creatures- the trio Bomb Ass Pussy tells stories of queer identity and celebration through hip hop. Their music is raw and visceral- drawing influence from all the great rapstresses such as Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj, Peaches and Trina with the reading of real radical feminism. ... more

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